How To Book?

Please call, message or email Karen Peake SPMU to discuss or book any procedure or consultation. On deciding to proceed you will be required to pay a £50 non refundable deposit. This will be deducted from your final payment. 

What is semi Permanent make up?

Semi Permanent makeup is a process with either a Medical micropigmentation machine or hand tool (Microblading) whereby pigment is implanted into the top layer of the dermis to look like hair, or powdering or whichever look you chose. The look is tailored to you as the individual, therefore it can be as dramatic or natural as you desire.

How long will it last?

The answer to this is variable.
On average machine SPMU lasts 12 to 18 months. Microblading 9-12 months before the recommended Colour boost top up. Everyone is different, excessive exposure to UV Ray’s, or sun bed use will break the pigment down quickly. Medication, General Skincare & hormones are all variables in the answer to this question hence the variable answer.

Does it hurt?

SPMU is more uncomfortable than painful. You are numbed before the procedure and all the way through. Some clients have said plucking and threading hurts more than the Brow procedure. I use different numbing for all areas. The strongest I am able to administer for maximum comfort.

How do you know which colour to use?

Part of your consultation is to pigment match you. I am guided by your skin tone & natural hair colour and of course by you. There are so many pigments; we will find a perfect match for you. Please note colour as it looks in the bottle will look different healed in the skin.

Do I need my 6-8 week top up?

Yes you do. If you don’t have this top up within the advised timescale the colour will disappear quickly and the procedure will need to be started from scratch and will be chargeable accordingly.

Please note make up with one session is not finished. SPMU is a layering system without this layer you cannot complain your procedure has disappeared. By placing down your deposit you are confirming you understand this layering process.

What do I do after my SPMU procedure?

The product placed on your brows at your appointment will look after your brows for the following 3 days it acts as a plaster forming a barrier over the area allowing for maximum penetration of the pigment & protection the area from the elements in this crucial healing stage.

Following the treatment you will need to keep the brows dry for the duration of the first healing period i.e. the scabbing. Once the scab comes away you may notice the pigment looks somewhat faded. You must not worry. The scabbing is the first part of the healing process.

In the next 6 weeks the pigment will regenerate under the skin & push forward to the skins surface. It is most perfect at week 6 onwards they will be fully healed. They will become darker. Please note as discussed when choosing pigment, the colour will heal and soften sometimes fading up to 30-50% please do not be worried by this.

The healing is a crucial stage in your SPMU; please do not get them wet and please do not pick. The longer the scabs are in place the better the colour retention will be.

Are there deposits to pay?

A £95 deposit is to be placed down upon booking. Redeemable against your treatment cost. The balance is due on the day of your appointment.

The £95 is NON REFUNDABLE without exception. By placing the deposit you are acknowledging these terms.

£50 will be required for all model appointments.

Which areas can benefit from SPMU?

Brows, Eyeliner, Lips and beauty spots can benefit from SPMU. Scalp & Areola are all common treatment areas all available at Karen Peake SPMU.


Semi permanent makeup is not an exact science. It is a process of layering pigment to give the desired effect. The pigment will seem darker after the treatment this will change in 5-7 days following the scabbing 30-50% softening should be expected.

Deposits and Cancellations

On cancelling or rescheduling your appointment you will be required to pay £25 cancellation fee on top of your new booking in order to reschedule.