Lash & Liner

Lash Enhancement

Lash enhancement offers a subtle enhancement of your lash line we run the pigment through the upper and lower lashes to make your eyes pop from the moment you wake in the morning!

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Eye liner procedure

Lash Liner

Lash liner is offered in a range of thicknesses to be discussed within your consultation. Having your liner in place means no more trying to pencil on over your glasses. Going swimming and waking up in the morning with crisp eyeliner.

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Latino Liner

Latino liner is an advanced technique offering a stunning made up look. The finish offers a tapered line with a finishing flick or feline finish. It’s always an absolutely stunning finish.

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When considering your liner it’s important to consider what you would have normally if you would only line your top lid: only have that area lined, the outcome of this procedure is an incredible natural frame for your eyes making them pop.