Scalp Reconstruction

Scalp reconstruction is a procedure available to male and female clients. It offers the illusion of a full head of hair.

This procedure is beneficial to anyone whose hair is thinning, patchy or balding, creating the illusion of a thicker full head of hair.

The pigment is placed in such a way it offers the visual effect of a shaven hair follicle. The results are incredible.


Female scalp is available using follicle reconstruction and hair strokes. We are able to reconstruct female hair to look full and thick as it would have been previous to hair loss!

This is such a common problem please get in touch if you would like to discuss how this procedure would benefit you.


Norwood Scale

Hair Follicle Replication

‘Follicle replication’, ‘Scalp Densification, ‘SMP’ and ‘Scalp tattooing’ – The procedure itself has many names however, for those in need of this it is simply LIFE CHANGING.

Here at Karen Peake SPMU we pride ourselves on a confidential and discreet service with the choice of either a male or female Scalp Specialist. Whether you are bald, receding or slightly thinning, hair follicle replication is the only 100% effective hair loss solution.

Quote from Karen:

‘There are many reasons my scalp clients come to me, medical hairloss, hormonal hair loss or even genetic. They all want the same outcome a permanent and effective solution which is immediately apparent .

Once again my expertise in this field leads me to teaching this procedure to the medical profession. This is certainly one of our most rewarding procedures. Bringing complete happiness and contentment to all clients. If you suffer from any type of hair loss please get in touch (link this to the contact page) to book a consultation with our Scalp specialists.’

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